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A jazz orchestra cannot exist without a contrabass. Neither can top-notch video content without professional production. We do our best so that our viewers get the same pleasure from watching our video product, as from their favourite music.

Charlie Haden

Contrabass video production makes TV commercials of the full cycle, as well as movies. We offer our clients:

  • development of a company concept and strategy
  • scriptwriting
  • selection of actors and locations
  • arrangement of the filming process
  • post-production
  • services for video content distribution amongst our media partners

For our partners:
- production and post-production
- casting
- location management
- rental of filming location and equipment

Contrabass video production aims to develop the film industry and film culture in the central part of Ukraine. Our team has completed a social project devoted to the problem of early marriages with Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren. Our company's projects have been covered both by Ukrainian and international mass media, including international magazine 'The Hollywood Reporter'. Our projects have participated and won in international and Ukrainian festivals and contests. In addition to our own projects, we offer local production services to our partners. Our company has an extensive base of actors, filming equipment, locations and technical personnel, filming location.

Remove the clip, a promotional video, TV commercial in Dnepropetrovsk. Production music video, presentation video, corporate film Dnepropetrovsk.

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Image clips

Present your company creatively, colorfully and confidently. Brand film is, first and foremost, a tool for business advertisement. We will help create a suitable company image, both for local and foreign markets.

TV commercials

There are commercials you are always eager to watch. In an industry full of artificial plastic plots, we strive to create honest and beautiful stories. They are the main reason that brands gain popularity.

Social advertising

High-quality films can change your life. We're confident that social advertising, like high-quality films, can influence social issues for the better. They might solve them, as well.

Short films

Our life is full of stories. However, only the most interesting ones become parts of films. We are always ready to discuss and bring your ideas or script to life.

Music videos

In the music industry, a particular music video can become an icon of its time. This is a genre where the latest trends can be used. It allows you to experiment and search for an innovative visual language. We will create a clip that will fully recapture the atmosphere of your music.

2D, 3D computer graphics

Modern computer graphics can only expand your horizons. We can professionally bring your ideas to life.

Filming location

In 2019, a new filming complex, with an area of more than 1,000 square metres, appeared in the centre of Dnipro. It holds art exhibitions, workshops and seminars on a regular basis. Primarily, it is a filming location, provided with filming equipment, sound insulation, balconies and a white 15-metre long cyclorama, one of the biggest ones in Ukraine. On the right, there are huge gates that allow you to drive a car through a decorative pocket and the art department's workshop. In addition, there are suspension systems along the location's perimeter, on which you can hang filming light equipment and a green drape that allows for filming based on 'chroma key' technology. There is also a big garden used for exterior filming. At present, TV commercials and full-length films are already being filmed at the new location.

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